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"I always knew there was something special about that boy, And the way he stuck his hand out the window and flew it like an airplane."
"We don’t eliminate racism by pretending it doesn’t exist. Evil flourishes in the dark. You kill evil by dragging it out into the light, putting it under a lamp, and interrogating it.”
Dionthesocialist (via eloquentvibes)



Being Black in this world is such an interesting experience, particularly in the US.

Like, you grow up being told that you are less than everyone else. “Everyone else” typically meaning white folks. But sometimes non-Black PoC and class privileged Black folks who all know to stay away from you.

There’s this constant message that you and your people have contributed absolutely nothing to this world and that you and your people are primarily responsible for the drain of resources on this planet. That you’re irresponsible, lazy, unintelligent, and so on.

My thought on the UCONN Riot.

White people….




The first season of Young Justice has been added to Netflix, so I know what I’m doing for the rest of my evening/weekend.

Spent my weekend watching the first and second season. This was such a great show. Definitely on par with Justice League for me. And I especially enjoyed getting to see characters that rarely make it to other shows, films, etc. I really can’t understand why they canceled it so abruptly.


NEWSFLASH NONBLACK POC: everything you can think of Has been done and IS being done to black people… so can y’all stop with the “I bet you wouldn’t do that to black people bullshit”..just stop…


Need to write a 5 1/2 page research paper on the growing issues in the Ukraine/Crimea/Russia for Anthropology class. The professor just wants 2 pages Monday but I might as well try (at least) write the whole thing out.

Just 5 more weeks of school left… I’m going to be counting down every minute and moment I can.