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"I always knew there was something special about that boy, And the way he stuck his hand out the window and flew it like an airplane."


Azula was a master firebender who took over Ba Sing Se in record time and came closer to killing the Avatar than any other character in the series by the age of 14. I’m not defending her actions because she was morally bankrupt but you cannot deny she was the baddest character in the whole series. Katara has done some powerful and riveting shit too, but had Azula kept it together, you can bet she would have impacted the future of the world for better or (most likely) for worse.

Despite Caleb being a flop can we just have a moment of silence and appreciation for last night when Christine read Zach for filth in the storage room

We are sitting here hoping Caleb blows up and he can’t even speak for himself and get his point across, on top of that he’s easily manipulated… He can’t win competitions or win arguments, he’s a waste.


Caleb spilling the tea about Frankie


How I feel about Zach and the rest of his scumbag supporters

Everything about Caleb makes me sick to my stomach

I would really love to find a site with awesome prints/posters to buy for my dorm room! Whether it be of anime series or just awesome artist artwork in general.


I don’t think my fellow POC seem to grasp this, if your white friend says something racist or problematic no one is telling you to stop being their friend or saying you have to be offended (if you aren’t then that’s on you).

However, it’s your responsibility to call them out on that shit, if you sit there and defend their actions ("He/She isn’t racist and as a Black male/female I see nothing wrong with what was said…") rather than recognizing what is the problem and telling them that they are wrong, then they will simply assume that if you aren’t offended and cool with what they say then that must mean ALL POC must be cool with it or just being “overly sensitive.”