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"I always knew there was something special about that boy, And the way he stuck his hand out the window and flew it like an airplane."

Are you guys really going off on the pizza incident?

So everyone is going at Judi’s neck because she spit in the girls pizza and they ate it but no one is talking about how Shelly spit in Judi’s face before the whole incident occurred. I mean sure it was a really wrong way to retaliate but still why is she getting so much shit for her actions when clearly you all are just being biased because you don’t like the girl. 

This season I must say has made it passed my expectations and I am loving ever single second. Although to be honest I am kinda antsy on waiting for the 3rd episode to start because I know that is when majority of the alliances begin shifting and the whole House Vs. Judi bullshit dies down. As of right now the only person that I can say that I actually like is Judi. I don’t care what anyone says, crazy or not the girl doesn’t back down and is a bad girl all the way. I am waiting to see all the others girls try and make an impact on me but as for now I cannot stand Shelly and Angelic at all. 

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